The 2018 In My Mind Conference Planning Team is honored to present, in a series, one of the Featured Speakers, James Felton Keith.




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The Conference theme, “My Identity Matters” invites attendees to examine the many ways in which a person’s identity or sense of self is influenced and the effect on that person’s mental health. The conference will consider these aspects of identity:

  • personal identity – how individuals define themselves based on what is important and what matters to them;
  • social identity –  given to individuals in their social group such as age, gender, race, and ethnicity or an identity an individual adopts based on a group to which they belong, and are social constructs;
  • collective identity – an identity shared by a social group, where individuals have a choice in who they choose to identify within that group; gender identity – one’s personal innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both or none; and sexual identity – how one identifies based on their emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to others.

Acknowledging many identity constructs, the Conference invites submissions along the following subject areas:

  • Race, Ethnicity, Culture
  • Religion, Spirituality
  • Immigrant, Heritage, Language
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Social Class, Education, Occupation  (Wealthy, Sex Worker, Professor)
  • Age (youth, adult, senior citizen, elder).
  • Parents and family members of LGBTQ+ children
  • Health status (HIV+, Cancer survivor, Disabled, Mentally Ill)
  • Survivor (Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, PTSD)
  • Addiction and Recovery (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other psychotropic substances)

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Conference registration fee structure occurs in three periods:

  • Advanced/Early (Apr 1 to May 31), – CLOSED

  • Standard/Regular (Jun1 to Sept 30), and

  • Late (Oct1 to Oct 5) Registration.

The fee structure consists of the following categories:

  • Advocates, Activists, Consumers (including Seniors), and Students (with valid Student ID)

  • Clinicians and Academicians (including Academicians requiring CE/CEUs – will be announced when available),

  • Government Agencies – federal, state and city (local)

  • We welcome DONATIONS to assist with Conference-related costs.

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DBGM and the In My Mind Conference Planning Team are pleased to unveil the new conference logo, for the 2018 Conference with the theme, “My Identity Matters“.


Logo design: Chuck Tarver, Claymont Designs.

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