Together with Community Partners (AmidaCare, Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Caribbean Equality Project, The James Beard Foundation, and SAGE USA), DBGM hosted a 2020 World AIDS Day Commemoration with the documentary (You Are Not Alone” – screening and a post-screening discussion, with panelists Tanya Asapansa Johnson Walker, Jeffery Feliz-Ybes (HIV Stops With Me Campaign), Rev. Michael Crumpler (UUA), Julius Owens, LCSW (DBGM), and Karin Glover, MD (Montefiore Health, NYC).

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A DBGM and James Beard Foundation collaboration for a pre-Thanksgiving Cooking Show and Panel Discussion

The 6th Annual In My Mind Conference

The Environment and Me

LGBTQ+ Peoples of Color mental health conference,

a virtual one-day experience on Thursday, Oct 8, 2020, from 10:00am to 6:00pm

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At this time, when we are impacted by the restrictions imposed by the SARS-Coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) pandemic and the social upheavals from George Floyd’s murder, many in our communities are likely feeling increased stress, anxiety, fear, and pressure.

We encourage anyone who is struggling, feeling stressed, anxious, and afraid to reach out, in NYC call

  • 1-888-NYC-Well/Text “Well” to 65173, or
  • the NY State Mental Health Hotline at 1-844-863-9314.

You are not alone!

DBGM created a Facebook group, #I’mHere4U-Calling 10 (, encouraging each person to call 10 people they know, at least once a day or once a week, to check-in. Sending a text asking someone how they’re doing and they may respond, “I’m fine,” when they may not be, but hearing their voice, you can ask again, and for that person, if they hadn’t spoken with anyone in a while, your voice on the phone may be the connection they have and need. So, reach out, call someone!

On Thursday, Jul 23, DBGM concluded its 12-week discussion series with “Exploring COVID-19 Trauma and After – Shame and Stigma“, during which and through the personal and professional narrative presented by Bernitha “Bernie” Lopez, RRT (Montefiore Health System) and a mental health perspective by Rischa Gottlieb, Ph.D. (NY Psychological Services), both of whom we are grateful for sharing their time and expertise with our communities. Thank you, too, to you who joined and participated in this forum, including you who attended each week.

The discussion last evening (Thursday, Jul 16) was phenomenal, incredible, and as Dr. Perry said earlier, it is truly necessary and relevant today. We extend our gratitude to our presenters, Wilhelmina Perry, Ph.D., Carolina Hoyas, LMSW, Aundaray Guess, and Kyaien Connor, Ph.D., LMSW for sharing their knowledge and experience in, “Elderly and Alone – LGBTQ+ POC During COVID-19“.

Here, the link to the video recording:

THANK YOU! to Zoya McCants, Ed.D., LMHC (McCants Training and Consulting, LLC), Christine Perumal, Esq., (Safe Horizon), Joy Agness (Joy Agness Events), and Simone Devi Jhingoor (Jahajee Sisters) for presenting at our continuing our online series,  on Jul 9 at 6:00pm, “Behind Closed Doors – Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence in Lockdown“.

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We extend gratitude to panelists: Gloria Bent, MS, RD, CDN – NYC Health+Hospitals, North Central Bronx; Eddie Sakowitz, MS, RD, CDN – NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene; and Jaivonne Seary, LMSW – NYC Affirmative Psychotherapy for presenting a discussion this evening on “I Am What I Eat – Food, Nutrition, and My Mental Health” – how what we eat impacts our mental health, and to all those who joined the event.
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Each week of the online discussion series is unique. This evening we held a forum “Inside – LGBTQ+ POC and Mental Health” and we were grateful to have Grace Detrevarah from the Osborne Association, Shawanna Vaughn of Silent Cry, Inc., Coralanne Griffith-Hunte, Ph.D. from the Created for Greatness Leadership Group, Inc., and Jared Trujillo, Esq., from the Association of Legal Aid Attorneys, to join us as presenters. Usually, each forum ends at 7:00pm, this evening, the discussion was so intense and the sharing was as if it was among a family that it continued for an additional 30 minutes and most of those who joined the forum remained.
Thank you!
Missed it or joined late, see it at

DBGM in partnership with Princess Janae Place and New Alternatives presented, “Nowhere to Lay My Head – Being Homeless and an LGBTQ+ person of color” on Thursday, June 18. We extend THANK YOU to our presenters Jevon Martin, Founder and Executive Director, Princess Janae Place; Kate Barnhart, Founder and Executive Director, New Alternatives; and Jazmine Perez, LMSW, Program Director, Marsha’s House, Project Renewal.

Click on the link for the video recording from the forum: 

Since HIV/AIDS was recognized, and with denying the many Black gay men who were ignored in early treatment regimens, the connection between the disease and mental health was known. Through the decades, research studies and academic literature confirmed that there is a strong correlation between HIV and mental health, that one affects and destabilizes the other, and we’re aware that being mentally unwell contributed to many contracting HIV, and post-infection, the effect on a person’s mental health. Today, even though there are advancements in HIV treatment, PrEp and PEP, there is still a gap in addressing the ongoing connection between this virus and mental health in Black gay men. In our current climate, isolation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and the increased stress, anxiety and fears caused by the societal disruption resulting from police brutality against Black people, that there’s an increased need to raise, examine and discuss the connections between HIV and mental health, especially impacting Black gay men. We extend thanks to the panelists at the online forum, Karinn Glover, MD, MPH, Octavia Y. Lewis, MPA – both of Montefiore in the Bronx, and Johanne Morne, MS and Louise Square, of the NYS DOH AIDS Institute.

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Collaborating with New Perspective Psychological Services and The LGBT Center, DBGM and its collaborators hosted “Race, Violence, Trauma, and My Mental Health“, an online forum on Sunday, Jun 7, 2020, with presenters: Rischa Gottlieb, Ph.D., founder and Clinical Director, New Perspectives PS; Adjoa Osei, Psy.D., Cynthia Cabral, Ph.D., and Kitama Cahill-Jackson, LMSW. Thank you to our presenters and co-hosts. Thank you, to those who registered, attended, and participated in the forum.

Click on the link for the video recording: 

We are grateful to our presenters, Rosalind October, Ph.D., LMSW, CASAC, Empire State College, SUNY; and Nathalia Gibbs, LGBT and Harm Reduction Coordinator with the Harm Reduction Coalition for their presentations on the online forum, “Taking the Edge Off – Alcohol, Substance Use, Mental Health during COVID-19” – June 4, 2020.

Thank you to the many who attended.

In the best of times, our children are resilient, overcoming many odds, and thriving. COVID-19 imposed restrictions on our children’s lives – their vigorous and vibrant daily lives suddenly halted, confinement in their homes, brought both physical/medical and mental considerations. We extend gratitude to our online forum presenters, Algernon Cargill, Jr., MD of NYU Langone Health and Bellevue Hospital, and Julius Owens, LCSW, on “Our Children During COVID-19” on Thursday, May 28, 2020, who shared information and resources for us, as parents (single or dual) or caregivers for children and for us as adults with children – their and our mental and physical health.

The COVID-19 pandemic transformed death for many of us. Along with losing a loved one, we’re unable to gather with each other, show solidarity and companionship, and mourn; and even in virtual environments, we’re often alone when we participate. On Thursday, May 21, “Mourning Virtually – Online Memorials and Mental Health” was presented by Zoya McCants, Ed.D., LMHC, LPC.; Darryl “Nick” Nicholas-Sansani, LCSW, and Ayanna Roberts, LMSW.

DBGM joins with the Black gay/same-gender-loving community in NYC, especially at GMAD, with whom he worked and served for many years, and around the country in extending sympathies to the family, friends, and anyone who encountered Norman Green in his and their life journey.

This was the first in a series of online fora, “Am I Alone? A Look at LGBTQ+ POC and COVID-19” held on Thursday, May 14, which raised and discussed topics impacting LGBTQ+ peoples of color mental health, especially against COVID-19, and changes in these communities. We extend our gratitude to Giselle Fonseca, Outreach and Organizing Fellow, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs for assisting with planning and coordinating this online forum. To our speakers, Gregory-Ronnie James, Neighborhood Organizer, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, who presented on immigrant resources available to LGBTQ+ immigrants of color; Rischa Gottlieb, Ph.D., Founder and Clinical Psychologist, New Perspectives Psychological Services for presentation on mental health during COVID-19; and Matthew McMorrow, Senior Advisor for LGBTQ Community Affairs in the Mayor’s Office, who provided general resources for these communities; and to the forum’s Moderator, Julian Sanjivan, a DBGM board member.

With the theme, “The Environment and Me“, 2020 In My Mind Conference invites you to save the date for our virtual one-day conference on Thursday, Oct 8, from 10:00am to 5:30pm.

Turning Ideas into Topics: Abstract Writing” for 2020 In My Mind Conference, theme, “The Environment and Me” – a Webinar on March 18, 2020, 1:00pm to 2:00pm, hosted by The James Beard Foundation (JBF), facilitated by Lissette Marrero, MSW (LM Consulting) and Colleen Vincent (JBF).

Together with the National Council for Behavioral Health, DBGM’s Antoine Craigwell presented a Pride Month Celebration Webinar on June 12 on “Considering the Whole Person: Contexts for LGBTQ Peoples of Color Mental and Behavioral Health Treatment.”

Listen to the Webinar here:

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DBGM presented a panel discussion,

We’re Not Mad, Crazy or Lazy!”

Exploring and Discussing Mental Health in LGBTQ+ People of Color Communities

at the World Pride Human Rights Conference on Monday, June 24, 2019, at noon at the New York Law School, 185 West Broadway, NYC.

Panelists representing peoples of color communities:

  • Shane Tull, LMSW – Caribbean LGBTQ+ peoples of color
  • Jose Ramon – Latino and The White Shirt Project
  • Cecilia Gentili – Latinx and TransLatina Communities
  • Elton Naswood – Navajo and Native American Two-Spirit Communities
  • Kyndra Frazier, LMSW – Black Lesbian Community

The panel will be moderated by Antoine Craigwell, founder and CEO, DBGM, Inc.