DBGM is dedicated to recognizing and articulating the mental health issues of LGBT people of the Black diaspora, through the collective strengths and wisdom of professionals and supporters; to address the issues affecting these communities.

Our Vision

DBGM hopes that by its work, through the medium of the documentary, community discussion forums, and the book (when it is published), to raise awareness of depression as it affects Black gay men. While looking at how they are affected, working to change perceptions, reactions and responses at the grassroots level: the family, church, school, and community; that a Black gay men need not hide or live his life in shame, or be made to feel ashamed, but be proud of who he is and his place in the human family. And, for those Black gay men who have lived and still struggle with depression, to know that they are not alone.

“If by what I’m doing, one Black gay man could be prevented from killing himself, then my job is done; his healing begins.”

A Message from the CEO

My friend, many of us know of someone who is troubled, suffering inside. Perhaps you suffered or are suffering in silence. Many of us have watched from the
sidelines as someone we know deteriorates before our eyes – he is unable to keep a job and maintain a relationship, appears disheveled, is no longer interested in things he used to enjoy, sleeps more than usual, and he might even have developed a dependency on drugs or alcohol. Worst of all he feels empty and hopeless. Perhaps you felt you didn’t belong.

The only option he feels he has left is to remove himself from humanity. Maybe you know someone who did, and we who remain ask why.

From the outside, we try to understand, but many of us realize that we are incapable, we too are powerless to do anything. But, those who experienced and overcame the relentless pain in their heads can identify, they say “You Are Not Alone.”

Depression is a serious mental illness that could have devastating consequences; it does not have to. It is TREATABLE!

A documentary film about Black gay men breaking their silence on depression with personal stories; interviews with mental health professionals, community leaders, and re-enactments.

The 2-minute video is a trailer for a documentary, “You Are Not Alone” (www.yana-thefim.com). In it, courageous Black gay men are breaking the silence and that taboo in the Black community; they are speaking out about their depression. It is hoped that a Black gay man, through what he sees and hears in the film, could feel emboldened to know he is not alone, and he can find the courage to reach out for help.


You may or may not be Black or gay; you may be Black and you may be gay, and you may know someone who is Black and gay. In many Black families and in the societies gay men of color exist, because of the silence imposed by culture, the homophobia, stigma, and discrimination many experience, Black gay men are living hidden, secretive, and unfulfilled lives. Shouldn’t our Black gay men deserve to live wholesome and productive lives?

Your support toward the work DBGM is engaged in is encouraging for other Black gay men, especially young Black gay men who feel imprisoned, are struggling with their sexual identity, and acceptance in a world that rejects them, to know “You Are Not Alone”.

Thank you for your generous support – Antoine Craigwell